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Our Doctors

Our doctors are committed to the health of our patients. As a group, we value clinical excellence, meeting individual needs and compassion.

Dr Max Maher

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Dr Robyn Woods


Robyn has a special interest in disability medicine and spends part of her week looking after patients in residential care. She also loves the adventures that comes along with working short-term in rural and remote areas of Australia. As a result she has been able to keep up her skills in multiple sub-specialised areas of general practice.

Robyn offers dry needling for suitable musculoskeletal problems. She also feels passionate about the role of the gut microbiome in a person's health and is enthralled by the new scientific discoveries in this area.

Dr Cathryn Wilson


Cathryn is a graduate of Newcastle University and has worked in general practice in Newcastle for 15 years. She is interested in all aspects of family medicine, in particular pregnancy care and child health. She especially enjoys the long term relationships that are formed with patients when working as a general practitioner.

Cathryn is also interested in teaching and is involved in the training and supervision of medical students and trainee GP's.

Her main interests outside of work are spending time with her husband and two daughters as well as reading, swimming, and cooking. 

Dr Mengmeng Michelle Watts

Michelle grew up in Sydney but soon saw the light after moving to Newcastle in 2000 and now considers herself a Novacastrian. Michelle has been working in General Practice for the last 12 years. She loves looking after young families and in particular children. She also enjoys looking after women in their pregnancy as a part of the GP shared care program. She is a keen teacher of medical students and she is an examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. When Michelle is not working she is running after her three young children, looking after their pet chooks or being roped into bike riding with her husband. When she gets a rare minute to herself, she likes to cook fancy desserts, read, listen to live music and binge watch TV box sets.

Dr Tyron Clayworth

Ty completed his studies at the University of New South Wales in 2014. Under the guidance of the other doctors at Orchardtown Rd Family Practice, he finished his GP training in 2019. He has a keen interest in all areas of general practice, particularly in providing long term care to patients and their families. As a Birripi man, Ty continues to be involved in mentoring and supporting Aboriginal and Indigenous doctors in training through the IGPRN (Indigenous General Practice Registrars Network). When Ty isn't working, you will likely find him at the beach with his partner chasing after his two young children.

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